Group Profile

Part of Spear & Jackson, the Bowers Metrology Group, through structured organic growth and strategic acquisition, has developed into a respected global leader in the field of measurement. Our first-class reputation has been built on the continuing Group ethos of striving for excellence in both the comprehensive range of products that we supply and the many quality services that we provide to our customers. The Group’s aim is to build on its hard-won reputation and continue to exceed customers’ expectations.

The Spear & Jackson Group
Over the years, Spear & Jackson’s products have become widely recognised for their heritage and high quality. The Group has expanded through acquisitions and we have also reduced costs by relocating selected manufacturing operations to Asia.

We have three principal divisions engaged in a range of business operations:

We have extended our operations into other territories and now have manufacturing sites, distribution centres and sales offices in key locations around the world.

Our three principal divisions consist of internationally recognised subsidiary companies engaged in a range of business activities.

Each of these divisions operates autonomously within the Group. This autonomy, we believe, encourages management independence, entrepreneurism and ownership. However, we’re also keen to ensure that no rigid divisional barriers exist that would prevent a cross-flow of expertise, skills and ideas where these would benefit the group as a whole. We design, manufacture and assemble products that are sold all over the world.

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