Baty’s Vision of the Future at Interplas

In addition to exhibiting many other high-quality measuring devices at Interplas 2011 (Stand A8 NEC 27 - 29th September), Baty International will be demonstrating two of the company’s advanced measuring systems that are used extensively throughout the plastics industry.

Baty’s VuMasterBaty’s VuMaster is able to undertake rapid yet extremely accurate, ‘non contact’ measurements of a range of deformable parts. Boasting a generous X-Y measuring range of 400mm x 300mm, the advanced system features a moving camera rather than a conventional coordinate workstage, this innovative configuration often removes the need for the use of expensive and time consuming work-holding devices. VuMaster is available as either a manual, or fully CNC controlled system and features Baty’s advanced Fusion software, a user-friendly platform which is common across Baty’s entire coordinate measuring product range. In manual mode, VuMaster inspection routines can be recorded and stored, when used again, the created ‘programs’ guide operators through all pre-defined inspection procedures and automatically ’capture’ all relevant data. On completion of measuring tasks, VuMaster’s Fusion Software generates In-depth reports in the form of fully dimensioned drawing of measured parts. In CNC mode, the entire process takes place automatically as the X & Y camera moves are motorized. 

Baty's Venture Range of Vision SystemsThe cutting-edge Venture models take the power of Fusion software one stage further by adding a third dimension. Like VuMaster, Baty’s Venture range of systems is available in both manual and CNC options but all feature full 3D capability. Now advanced features such as scanning and CAD best-fit can be performed quickly, without taking up the time of skilled operators. A full CNC program can be created automatically by measuring a part once using either Venture’s camera or the optional touch probe, allowing a combination of contact and non-contact measurements in the same inspection routine. As a result of advanced facilities such as its high-resolution USB2 CCD camera and touch probe, Baty claim that their Venture system is perfect for the meticulous in-process and final inspection checks synonymous with the Plastics industry.

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Updated on October 24, 2013 14:01