Baty Launches ShadoMASTER SM350

ShadoMASTER SM350Baty’s new flagship bench top Vertical Profile Projector – The ShadoMaster SM350 has a class leading X Y measurement range of 250mm x 125mm. The innovative design gives rise to an optional third  Axis of measurement in the Z axis.

A manually indexible Renishaw touch trigger probe allows the user to measure heights as well as the standard 2D geometric features measured with the traditional screen cross-hair or optical edge detector.

Another new feature is the optional three lens turret which provides a quick and easy method of changing projection magnifications without having to remove / replace optics.

Fusion software allows CAD information to be imported. Data points can be taken around non-geometric profiles and best fit to the CAD file, providing empirical profile error data rather than relying on overlay charts.

Updated on October 24, 2013 14:04