Baty International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Optical Profile Projectors, Co-ordinate Measuring Systems and Gauging Products. Building on decades of experience in non contact dimensional measurement, Baty International has offered camera based (vision) measuring systems since the early 1980s. Now, as an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company, Baty’s comprehensive portfolio of Metrology Instruments ranges from Hand Tools to Vision Systems; solutions for almost every measurement application in modern manufacturing.

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PLANOCLEAN Granite Surface Plate Cleaner

It was in the process of conducting measurement services with our customers, that we identified the need for a product like Planoclean™. There were no alternatives on the market that could satisfy our high demands on quality as well as environmental consideration.

The product is designed not only to make the surface plates as clean as possible, but also to be as gentle as possible to our environment. In order to be able to use the surface plate as a reference surface whilst conducting measurements, it needs to be calibrated at regular intervals. Just as important though, is to keep dirt and grease off the surface plate. Otherwise impurities in the plate will disrupt the results where the surface plate is used as a reference for measurements.

It was in order to live up to the high standards for purity required for the surface plates, that Planoclean™ was developed. The product swiftly and conveniently cleans the surface plate, thus ensuring that impurities will not disrupt the measurements.

Ever increasing demands on higher precision in manufacturing leads to higher demand on correct references and measurements.

An increased focus on precision measurement has the potential of preventing serious errors in production and thus, reducing the costs of manufacturing.

But in order to generate cost savings,it is vital to use correct references when conducting measurements. The reference often used, is the surface plate.

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