Baty International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Optical Profile Projectors, Co-ordinate Measuring Systems and Gauging Products. Building on decades of experience in non contact dimensional measurement, Baty International has offered camera based (vision) measuring systems since the early 1980s. Now, as an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company, Baty’s comprehensive portfolio of Metrology Instruments ranges from Hand Tools to Vision Systems; solutions for almost every measurement application in modern manufacturing.

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Gage-Chek Multi Input Gauge Display

A compact design for up to eight encoders

The Gage-Chek combines familiar digital readout functions with colour graphics to provide fast and accurate measurement feedback. Encoders can be algebraically combined for dimensions such as thickness, flatness and volume. Results can be displayed numerically, graphically or achieved for process studies such as SPC.

The Gage-Chek contains powerful maths and trig formulas that can be applied to one or more inputs to display complex dimensions. It can be configured to solve basic to advanced applications. Soft keys and numeric short cut keys can be mapped to fit your needs. Two large, easy to reach hot keys on top of the console can be programmed to trigger an operator’s most frequent steps.

The Min Max function continuously monitors the highest or lowest measured or calculated value. Each input or calculated dimension can be toleranced. Output includes colour pass/fail indication and audio alerts. Multiple ‘parts’ tolerances, SPC parameters and custom formulas are stored on a part basis so that the Gage-Chek can measure a wide variety of fixtures and parts.

Gage-Chek can connect and receive data from three types of probe / instrument.


Code Size Price  
GC-110 £POA.
GC-140 £2,624.
GC-180 £3,110.
GC-110-TS-HB £POA.
GC-140-TS-HB £POA.
GC-180-TS-HB £3,610.
GC-110-BSR £POA.
GC-140-BSR £POA.
GC-180-BSR £POA.

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