Baty International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Optical Profile Projectors, Co-ordinate Measuring Systems and Gauging Products. Building on decades of experience in non contact dimensional measurement, Baty International has offered camera based (vision) measuring systems since the early 1980s. Now, as an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company, Baty’s comprehensive portfolio of Metrology Instruments ranges from Hand Tools to Vision Systems; solutions for almost every measurement application in modern manufacturing.

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SM350 Profile Projector

The 2010 SM350 is an all new design. This vertical 14" / 350mm screen bench projector features an option where the focus axis can also be used as a 3rd measurement axis. This enables Z axis height measurements to be taken using a touch trigger probe. Another new feature is the option of a three lens turret for instant lens changes without re-calibration.

Measuring options
XLS: A simple 2 axis digital readout for X&Y measurement
GXL: Incorporates geometric functions for skew alignment, angle radii measurement, pitch circle diameter and construction of intersect points etc
GXL-E: As GXL with screen mounted automatic profile edge sensor. As an option the sensor can be fitted internally
Fusion 2: PC based measuring system with full geometric functionality. Graphical view of measured part can be printed as fully dimensioned drawing with geometric tolerances. Other graphics include form error and SPC charts. Full reporting capability includes tabulated details with pass / fail analysis, auto-link to Excel™ and auto sequence programming feature. Can be supplied as software only for self installation or as a complete system.
Fusion 2-E: As Fusion but supplied with screen mounted automatic edge detector. As an option the sensor can be fitted internally.
AB-2E-CNC: Fusion PC based measuring system, motorised X & Y axis with joystick control and CNC position programming for automatic measuring


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SM350-Fusion 2
SM350-Fusion 2-E
SM350-Fusion 2-E-CNC

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